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COMMERCIAL BIDS: Select the blue button marked "White-Wall Fit-up".  When you print it, you'll better see the information, specs, sketch and pics.  Submit your bid based on the data (if you have any questions just call us).  Click on the button to start good luck .
WW-Fit Up
At Rock Built we expect our Contractors to possess a solid reputation and be positioned for long term success.

You should be properly funded, thoroughly trained, safe at all times as well as considered craftsmen in your field. How you run and conduct your business on our job-sites are a reflection of Rock Built and we expect the utmost level of courtesy and respect to be displayed to all parties at all times.  

We have high expectations of our Contractors.  Mutual success is a function of how well we communicate, interact and execute our plan with all parties. 

If you have a desire to begin the process of being considered a Contractor for Rock Built, please feel free to complete and send the "Form" shown herein (to start). 

We also encourage you to "view" the appropriate file(s), for bidding either a "commercial" or "custom residential" job for us (described herein in two blue rectangles).  After reviewing the information (and associated files), when you wish to submit your completed bid, just email your documents to  [email protected] 

You will see we are VERY detailed in our bid documents, we ask that all bids submitted are as thorough.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Thank you for considering working with Rock Built and we look forward to spending time understanding you and your business.
RESIDENTIAL BIDS: The rest of these blue buttons contained herein are for a custom home.  These file are very descript and all you'll need to complete your bid.  The "Specs" file is 22 pages long and has every specification for every trade. Submit your bid based on the data (if you have any questions give us a call).  Thanks again and Good Luck.
Site Sketch
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Cab Layout