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"Character is created from ones' actions".
"Always do as you say; and when doing something for another, you should do it with the same care and passion as if you were doing it for yourself with your own money…"         TSR

During summers, Tom Rockwell's step-father, Bruno Perillo would bring him to work concrete when Tom was in 7th grade. Bruno loved building and helping others and shared that with Tom. Over time, Mr. Rockwell worked with many different field trades until he elected to go into the business side of the industry

Holding a degree in Applied Science and being 1 of only 598 Graduate Master Builders (GMB) in the country (circa 07), he aligned with a number of premier building companies. Over time he climbed the corporate ladder until he found himself as EVP of a leading public company. 

As Tom's national exposure grew by overseeing Supply Chain strategies for 35 Business Units in 15 States, he also had a desire to develop his own company.  His talent and strength to take complex building challenges and deliver exactly what the owner requested, at an affordable price, was a reoccurring theme.  With his experience and knowledge, it became clear it was time to formalize Rock Built. 

Tom believes in surrounding himself with other professionals while using influence and rapport in building productive and successful relationships.  He greatly values opportunities and cultures where honesty and mutual benefits to all are at the core.